My Vampire Facial…Yes, you heard me right! Vampire!

ferneNow many of you would have heard of this ‘facial’ (I use that term loosely)…the likes of Kim Kardashian, Bar Rafaeli, Ferne McCann, Gisele Bundchen, the list goes on…are obsessed with this procedure. Being a complete celeb addict, I’d seen these celebs posting their bloody faced selfies and had always wondered what all the hype was about! However, living in Swansea, I pretty much accepted that stuff like that isn’t available in our area!

But Then….I met Jodie! I kid you not she has changed my skin, but before I start I just want to let you all in on a little info. I met Jodie at a Wedding event that I attended and instantly clicked with her, I loved her passion and knowledge for skin and having always suffered with keeping my skin clear I booked an appointment with her. This appointment was made as a customer, I am not paid by her clinic and I am not selling anything. My blog is always just to share my love for all things beauty with you all, as I know your all as obsessed as I am…plus…your makeup is only as good as the skin you put it on! I buy all of my skincare Products from Jodie and she recommends to me what I need to target the areas of concern to me. I would never recommend to any of you what I haven’t tried and tested myself, or anything that I don’t 100% believe in.

That cleared up…let me tell you about my facial!

I mentioned above that I use the term Facial loosely and that’s because its not something you can expect to pop in for on your day off to relax for an hour and maybe grab a nap! Oh No! I would describe this as more of a procedure, but the best thing about it (and I mean best I still cant quite grasp it myself) is that it is all natural! Its invasive and involves lots of needles but it ONLY uses your own blood! No lumps or bumps from foreign substances, no rejecting of the product from your skin and no surprises when you look in the mirror.

So let me explain (in my terms, I won’t bombard you with the technical stuff, that’s what Jodie is for)…

spunFirstly, you have a sample of your blood taken. Literally like a blood test. Nothing to it! Then the clever part…your blood is put into a machine that basically spins it really really really fast, until your red blood cells are separated from your plasma, or as Jodie calls it, The Gold Dust! I’ts even gold in colour! This is put into lots of syringes ready to inject back into your face. The Plasma works like magic to encourage blood to flow and collagen in the skin and for the skin to basically go into repair mode…fixing anything it deems ‘damaged’. My main concern with my skin was really the general quality. I’ve always suffered with oily skin that’s prone to break outs and therefore always worked hard to keep it clear. But teamed with a very busy lifestyle and lots of early mornings I find it always looks tired and dull, my pores are always enlarged and its patchy and uneven.
needlesNext step…Let’s get this stuff into my skin! Now I am pretty good with pain, however I do like to know exactly what’s going on, so I spent the whole time bombarding Jodie with questions. She was amazing to me, really kept me calm, explained everything as much as she possibly could have, I understood exactly what was happening and exactly what to expect. Some areas or more sensitive that others and
she let me know how each area was going to compare to the last. A series of (I mean ALOT of) small this needles are used to inject the Plasma back into your face. bloodfacialEyes, cheeks, forehead, chin, jawline, nose! The pain of each individual needle is as you’d expect, a sharp scratch that’s a little sharper in areas such as the nose where there’s not much fatty tissue. The main issue with the pain is really the amount of needles, because there are so many you become ‘fed up’ of them. Jodie explained this feeling to me before hand and she was exactly right.

Once the injecting was over, Jodie used a derma-roller (a small rolling pin looking gadgetroller covered in short thin needles) all over my face. This is the part that gives the bloodied red look to your skin made famous by the celeb selfies. The roller makes little punctures all over the skin that make the plasma procedure that much more effective because as the skin is trying to repair its self of these little punctures, its got all that wonderful goldenness freshly injected into the skin to help repair with even more effect. I know I know it just gets better!

After all that, as you can imagine, your skins feeling pretty sore and hot. So Jodie popped on a cooling mask for me to relax in for around 10 mins and as you can see from the video below It was wonderful.

So, How was I? Well, not as bad as I expected really! The main thing was that I was sooo nextdaytired after. I think I’d worked myself up so much before it not knowing quite what to expect and obviously your adrenaline kicks in when your experiencing pain, so when I got home I crashed. I had The facial done late afternoon on a Tuesday and worked again that Friday morning. I gave myself a day and a half off to ‘recover’ which I think is a great idea. As I said I was tired and the next day my face was sore and a little bruised as you’ll see in the photo to the right (eyes mainly). However, by Friday morning the soreness was gone completely and the bruising was covered with a little concealer. Five days later the bruising was very very faint and a week later completely gone.

I’m currently almost 2 weeks after it at the moment, and although it takes 12 weeks for the effects to fully kick in I’m already feeling great. You can find before and afters and track my progress on my facebook page (Jenna Kelly Makeup Artist) but I will be doing another blog after the 12 weeks is up! I’ve noticed my skin is looking a lot more even, patchiness that I used to have around my nose especially has started to even and the greyness under my eyes has gone. My pores are looking better, which I’m mostly pleased about as they were my main concern, so I can’t wait to see what the next 10 weeks brings. I’m 25 years old, so only really have fine expression lines, however I’ve seen some of the results on older women and it’s not nicknamed a ‘facelift’ for nothing. It can also help with lines and wrinkles and just a general upward movement and tightening! Everyone’s main question to me so far has been would I do it again? As in, has the pain put me off? and my answer….If it carries on working as it is…I wouldn’t hesitate. Yes its uncomfortable, But so are a lot of things beauty related. It’s estimated that the effects of this facial can last anywhere between 12-24 months! I mean that’s crazy! Most artificial injections have a shelf life of around 3-6 months!

So…Firstly, enjoy the little video below! It shows the procedure so you can see a little better what happened. Secondly…visit the clinic! I mean, I’ve been brave enough to not only put no makeup pictures everywhere…but bleeding face selfies! If I’m that keen to show you what goes on in the clinic then I’ts safe to say I’m pretty hooked…and i would love you all to fall in love with the place, its treatments and skincare like I have! Tell them I sent you…and that you survived the video! The Grove Skin Clinic are currently offering skin consultations which is a great way to find out what is recommended for yourself and your skin concerns. Thank me later! ENJOY!!!! (p.s. if you don’t like needles, please don’t watch the video, If you do and you pass out, please don’t blame me!)

Jodie Grove, The Grove Skin Clinic, 91 Sterry Road, Gowerton, Swansea. TEL: 01792 447630