Hi Beauties!

Have you missed me?! (Ok, don’t answer if it’s not Hell Yes!)

 So incase you hadn’t noticed… my blog content has been seriously lacking lately! I have been so mentally busy, with work, life, and planning, but I have decided to dedicate a lot more time to my blog! I love giving you all my hints and tips, what I’m up to, loving/hating etc… You are all SOOOO supportive of my social media and work that I really want to give more back to you all!

Que weekly content…

At least once a week I will be posting on my blog something thats taken my fancy…

and before you all start expecting THOSE kind of photos, please remember, this is a beauty blog, and I am a married woman! … Compose yourself ladies…

Expect, beauty regimes, products im obsessed with, what I’ve been up to in work… The lot!

I’m excited to be getting my head back in the blogging game…. I really have missed it!

Let’s start off then shall we?!



This is one of my staple lips! Pretty much every time i’m going full glam, a variation of this is my go to! I’m rather biased to a glossy nude lip; as much as I think a matt lip is pretty, for me, nothing will ever beat a good gloss. This lip will suit everyone and I can guarantee your sexiness will go up by at least 3 points…jeeze…maybe even 5 if you’ve tanned too! Hell…go get a blow dry, you’ll be a solid 10!

A light nude lip can be hard to master, its difficult to find the right tones so you don’t look too much like ‘foundation lips’ ‘1990s’ ‘walking dead’ etc … The tones used in this look give me enough paleness to go full smokey eye if that’s what I’m feeling, but also give enough colour to wear with a simple glam.

This is how I create this lip…

Firstly, scrub those bad boys. I use Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub from LUSH… It tastes amazing! Buff over your lips and lick or wash off! Yum!

Then pop a bit of good old Vaseline over your lips (not too much) and really give it a good massage in. Now you have the perfect base.

Now highlight! I’m loving My MIMI from MAC at the moment, but any highlighter works well… Just dust over your cupids bow for extra pout impact.

Take your Spice Lip Liner from MAC and draw your preferred lip shape. For me, I like to excentuate, but not over draw. Make the most out of your lips with out making them look too crazy.

Next use Honey Love Lipstick from MAC to really cream on a gorgeous nude colour. This lipstick is quite a bit lighter than the liner, but fear not, the next step will blend you in!

Finally, the main event, my all time fav lip gloss YSL gloss in number 2. This is also favoured by JLo, and I mean, if its good enough for her… This gloss is a beautiful warm bronzed nude that will just take your pout to infinity and beyond!

As always, enjoy, and let me know how you get on with your new found sexiness!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

See you next week