Brides…Brides to be…Attention!

Having your gorgeous bridal glam on the morning of your wedding isn’t enough? Thought of changing your look for the evening?…it doesn’t even have to mean buying a new dress! Want to turn yourself from a glowing blushing bride to a sultry smoking hot wife for the evening of your big day!

I’ve got you covered!…Realising how important it is for you to look your very best from morning till night on your wedding day…with a little vamping thrown in for good measure.




JK re-Vamp

There are 2 parts to this service, if you would like to be refreshed, re awakened and polished for your official photos then I have a Full Day Booking,¬†or on the other hand if you’d like this service in the evening along with your bridal party and have vampy smokey look to change things up I have the Re-Visit Booking.

Full Day Booking

bridal-1I am now available for full day bookings; you can now chose to have me stay on from your ceremony until your main wedding photos are taken to freshen your look and clean up any tears. This time frame is completely individual to your wedding and your ceremony times and its totally up to you how much time you want to dedicate to this service.

You can either chose to have me stay in the venue room where your bridal prep originally took place, where you can rejoin me for a quick freshen up after your ceremony and before your pictures (its a great time to grab 5 minutes to yourself and take in whats just happened…you can even
bring along hubby) or I can follow you.



As I said this is a completely
tailor made service…so if it means me leaving your house and meeting you at your venue after your church ceremony, even following you to your official pictures with your photographer for ‘on location’ photo shoot style top ups.

Anything is possible to make you feel and look your absolute best on your wedding day!





Re-visit re-Vamp

fashion-19An evening re-visit is a great time for a classic JK ‘smoke out’ where by the members of your bridal party will have their makeup topped up and refreshed ready for the evening and the bride can opt for a ‘look change’ where we add in a little smokey eye and maybe a vampy red lip to give you an evening persona. The choices really are endless with this!!

Many brides use this opportunity to take off their veil, pull down their hair, sometimes even change to an evening dress. Even if you chose to stay in your dream dress (as Jenna herself did) adding a more sultry makeup finish can give an entire different styling and feel to your bridal look. It can make your bridal look more ‘evening appropriate’ ready for champagne and fireworks! …and of course the Photo Booth and endless selfies your inevitably going to take!

fashion-2With this service, I will arrive at a time of your choice, Either before your evening guests arrive or just before your first dance. The most popular time for this service is after your evening guests have arrived and just before your first dance. This means you’ve been able to greet them in your bridal look, as your were in the morning, and then sneak off for a quick bit of peace and glam before you rejoin them with a completely different look for your first dance! Talk about impact!

I will set up in a private but close by area of your venue, so you can easily pop to me for your re-Vamp! Before you have your re-Vamp the members of the bridal party who’s makeup was done by me in the morning are welcome over for a freshen up of their look before we get to your glam!


So Ladies…

If your already booked in as one of my brides get in touch asap if you’d like to add this to your service as days are limited!

If your thinking about booking in…now you have even more choices!

For all pricing info…just give me a shout!

Lots of Love as always!