I am so pleased and so very proud to introduce you, finally, to my second makeup artist and newest member of team JK… Sophie Bey!

As of today…Friday 1st July 2016, Sophie will be available for bookings when I am unavailable! So no longer do my gorgeous brides with millions of bridesmaids have to panic about finding someone else! Yes yes, I know, I’m too nice to you all…Thank me later!

If you’re enquiring about booking with me, but i’m already full then you will be offered a booking with Sophie straight away! She is available for both wedding and occasion makeup…and yes, she can slay your face like JK!

We’ve spent the last few weeks since finding each other (I know how romantic) crash coursing our way though everything from kit to full glam! Sophie has received my full training and is more than excited to get hold of your lovely faces!

After advertising that I was looking for a second artist I was inundated with emails and phone calls from so many gorgeous and super talented girls. I’m so so grateful for your lovely messages and applications and for the lovely girls who took time to meet with me to talk about this amazing opportunity.

Sophie shone for me, not only because of her talent and experience, but because we clicked straight away! She’s beautiful but so genuinely lovely…I’m sure you’ll all agree that she’s ┬áthe perfect fit once you’ve met her yourself! She shares my passion for makeup and the beauty industry and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us both!

To read more on Sophie and to view her work you can find her page on my website click the tag at the top of the page or the link below;


Ok…so…if you’ve been unable to get an appointment with me and would like to book in with Sophie Bey (pronounced Sophie Bee), she really is the next best thing, then contact me on the following:

email: info@jennakellymua.com

Facebook: Jenna Kelly Makeup Artist

A huge thank you to you all, because without such supportive, loyal and lovely customers then team JK wouldn’t be able to grow! I am so grateful!

Lots of love

Jenna Kelly


Sophie Bey…