The Grove Skin Clinic…My new favourite place!

I met the owner Jodie only a few weeks ago at a showcase and her passion for all things skin immediately had me hooked!

I am a self confessed skin care addict! most of my customers will know (as I talk their head off about skincare allllll the time) that I’ve always suffered with my skin; I’m very oily and suffered with bad breakouts as a teen. Now as you can imagine, working in the industry that I do, I’m surrounded by skincare. I’ve always liked to try out the new products on the market, from luxury (and very expensive) products, budget friendly, to the natural and organic products…I’ve tried them all! I’ll be sharing my current skin care routine (also thanksĀ to Jodie) in another blog post….as it needs one all of its own, but for this one were talking facials!

Before this, I hadn’t had a facial in years, mainly because most places will give you a good cleanse, tone and moisturise with a little face massage thrown in for good measure, and quite frankly, I can do this myself! In fact I do…twice a day, so its not something I can usually justify spending money on, I’d rather buy another serum! But then came the Fire & Ice facial!

I am a little (ok alot) obsessed with Emma Willis, she is just stunning…and a few weeks before I had seen her post on her social media that she was off to get a Fire & Ice, so the second the words came out of Jodie’s mouth while I was chatting to her at the clinic, I jumped at the chance. The facial is described as a ‘Red Carpet Ready’ treatment, so something you would have on a Tuesday/Wednesday ready for a Saturday Event. And that’s exactly what it is!

I’m not going to pretend I’m suddenly a dermatologist and baffle you (and me) with technical stuff (that’s what the clinic are for), I’m simply going to tell you how my experience was. So lets have a look then shall we…(just before we do, a little warning, please excuse my crazy afro and no makeup face, if offended, shut your eyes)

whiteSo first of all is FIRE! The first of two masks is applied all over the
face and only left on for a few minutes. The mask lives up to its Fire name and quickly heats up on the skin giving a tingling, prickly hot feeling, not the most comfortable feeling in the world, but definitely not painful. The product acts to give a peel like affect on the skin, removing dead skin cells, any surface dullness etc… Then it needs to be removed. Now this is the most uncomfortable part of the white1process as the mask has left the skin feeling a little delicate and very hot and as its wiped away, however, I can’t stress to you enough that this really is not painful! image6After all, what beauty procedure that works isn’t a little uncomfortable…It’s like waxing your brows! After this mask your skin is a little red but instantly glowing, light and refreshed!

ICE time! This second mask is welcomed as it has a cooling effect on the skin, a rather mlovely feeling after the fire of the first. This one is left on for around 5 minutes to ensure the skin is properly calmed…so I took advantage, shut my eyes and lay there. After this mask is cleaned off they apply the magic! A series of serums and moisturisers that are specially designed for this treatment and absorbed like a dream into fresh (and a little red) skin.

image7Both my sister and I were lucky enough to have this facial and both of us instantly felt better! Firstly, you feel like something has actually happened and secondly your skin actually glows straight away! (on the left is a snap of my sister and I straight after the treatment just before leaving) I had this treatment on a Wednesday evening, and my skin just got better and better day by day. I feel like its given it a deep clean/scrub/strip down/nourish/glow etc etc … It just feels NEW! It also feels like exactly what I needed! There’s only so much we can do with our own skincare and this was that extra boost that I couldn’t have achieved myself!

The last picture I’m including (below) is my skin on Saturday Night! Its completely bare, no makeup at all, not even any tan and the picture has been taken in my white ring light…so if anything was going to show up, believe me in this light it would! (Don’t judge…I’m only human, and yes I have many no makeup days) The Fire & Ice Facial has left me blemish free and glowing, there’s no dullness to my skin any more and it feels totally fresh! The Grove Skin Clinic are currently the only in the whole of Wales offering this treatment and I will 1 million% be going back for another! Its definitely something ill add in even if its just a few times a year before a big event/Christmas party etc… for that extra bit of help and glow! I’d seriously recommend a visit!


The Grove Skin Clinic

91 Sterry Road, Swansea

01792 447630

Facebook: The Grove Skin Clinic