Good Evening you gorgeous lot!!

Welcome to this weeks blog post!

So… a little different from the usual videos that I put together…

I was about to start my makeup last week for an event that I had with Hubby, when I thought, why not show you all my glam start to finish and why I chose the look…!?

So here I am, sat in my spare bedroom at home showing all (the natural light here is killer amazing… and combined with my ring light, like omg!) I wanted to explain to you also how I come up with each glam that I do – obv all about the outfit and hair – so i’ll try and do more of these for you guys!

I hope you enjoy… and before we hit play below… little disclaimer…

So I tried a new tan… (and you all know what i’m going to say next) the hands… not great! I have quite dry hands because of all the anti bac I use and product swatching I do, this tan just didn’t like it! I also don’t tan my face, I just use a darker makeup to blend!

Like… Just don’t hold it against me ok?! Ok, I’m glad were past that…


…and as always please annoy everyone on your timeline, share, like, love etc… 

You know the drill