Jenna Kelly (JK) –
Makeup Artist,  Skin Specialist,  Owner and creator of Dorado Studios. 

Jenna started her career as a self-taught makeup artist at the age of just 14. Her passion for makeup and all things beauty sparked a working relationship with both local and national photographers at a very young age where she would apply makeup to their models for photoshoots.

Jenna’s love for makeup remained a hobby and part-time job throughout her time in University, until after graduating she decided to focus all of her energy into becoming a Makeup Artist full time. Jenna discovered just how much love she found in Bridal makeup and spent this first 5 years of her career specialising in this field. Her experience with photography makeup has made her Bridal style beautifully unique.

In 2018 Jenna launched ‘Dorado Studios’, a private beauty space hosting  incredibly talented beauty specialists. A place designed to bring the love and luxury back to beauty treatments, with a relaxed, chic and inviting vibe. 8 months after the first studio launched, another Dorado Studios was opened, this time a much larger more clinical space. Dorado now proudly has 13 amazing team members and is growing and expanding with demand.