Welcome to my brand new website www.jennakellymua.com …and my very first diary post!

My diary posts will be bringing you along to work with me (it not as bad as it sounds I promise); Showing you what I’m creating, where I am, who I’m with, what I’m using, how I’m using it and as much information as I can bombard you with at one time!!! It still amazes that I get to do what I love every day…I am such a girl! I love everything beauty orientated, with a little fashion thrown in for good measure.

My clients, friends and family (and even a few total strangers) are always asking me questions and for tips and advice on everything from what’s in my holiday/festival makeup bag to what beauty products I use on my down time. So here I go…sharing all of my little secrets, all of my new discoveries and all of my beauty loves!

I am definitely not a ‘full face every morning’ type of girl…after all…I am a real human being! However, I do believe that beauty has a place at all times; whether its what skin care you use when your outside walking the dog, how to nail the ‘no makeup’ makeup look, or how to feel your absolute most glam when your going all out for an event! We all have one face…but can turn it into a million and one different looks when we need to!

I hope you all enjoy having a little read, don’t forget to like my Facebook page (Jenna Kelly Makeup Artist) and follow my Instagram (JennaKellyMUA) where you can find loads more updates, pictures and even more of me talking just in case you hadn’t already had enough!

Looking forward to filling the pages in my diary,