So…the weekend is almost here and no doubt most of us will be a little indulgent; whether its from alcohol, food, applying makeup a million times, working too much, being out in the cold weather, or quite frankly, all of the above. If your anything like me, by the time Sunday night comes I feel like I need to scrub half my face away! But ladies (and gents) put down the sand paper! I thought I’d share with you what I’m loving at the moment as a bit of a Sunday Skin SOS! However, I suggest you keep this for a Sunday, as sometimes having a deep cleanse can bring you out in a blemish or two…and none of us want that in our Saturday night selfies!

image1Firstly…Cleanse! I am forever obsessed with the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish! It takes all of your makeup off, even your eyes, and gives the most glorious clean! Best of all it takes a muslin cloth to take the product away, meaning your skin will have a gentle exfoliation everyday and you can keep your scrub until the weekend! The Liz Earle products are super natural and gentle containing loads and loads of oils and extracts! YUM!

Now scrub your self silly! Having super oily skin…I do love a scrub, but over the years I’ve image3learnt that its best to be gentle, natural and simple with your skin, whether oily or dry. The muslin cloth from my cleanse and polish gives me great daily exfoliation so I keep my favourite scrub for a Sunday night (Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream). Yes… once a week is ideal for a face scrub! I have clients all of the time who are wondering why they’re getting bumps under the skin and they’re using a face scrub on a daily basis.

Now for the main Attraction! FACE MASK! I love a lot of things (as you’ll get to know the image2more I blog…I’m rather enthusiastic…don’t hold it against me) but a face mask has got to be up there! I have a few favourites depending on how my skins feeling and what I’m doing, but my Sunday Night Saviour is the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask. Now with deep cleansing you have to be careful. Buy cheap silly £1 face masks from next to the till in Tesco and you’ll get what you’ve paid for…breakouts! This mask is as gentle as a deep cleanse can be, with natural ingredients, it really cleans out all of the rubbish and toxins that have builtimage5up through a busy week and crazy weekend. Simply slap it on (avoid your eyes) and leave it dry. It may tingle a little…embrace it! Then when you’re all done just remove it with a damp sponge and you’ll be squeaky clean. Now you can expect a spot or two the day after, especially if your just starting to use this product, but it really is worth persevering. Its just a great way to have  good clean and pick me up at the end of the week.

After my mask, just to pop a little love back into my skin, I use a face oil (yes you guessed it…another love in my life). Now, I like to change my face oils, I love Clarins oils and also just organic rose-hip oil, but at the moment I love the combination of ingredients in the Liz Earle Night Concentrate Face Oil. Again just rub it all in and enjoy the glow. You will feel refreshed, scrubbed clean and detoxified ready for the week ahead.