T H E  

J K  B R I D A L  

E X P E R I E N C E 

‘Jenna Kelly is an award winning International makeup artist who provides a completely bespoke and luxury Bridal Service. Having worked on hundreds of Brides, and being voted best in the country for the past 2 years, Jenna uses her vast knowledge of the industry to make sure that your wedding morning runs as smoothly and comfortably as possible. Working with you to discover your style and preferences, Jenna will create a look that is the best version of you, for the best day of your life. Recommended by all of the leading wedding suppliers in South Wales, Jenna holds a respected position in the industry for providing photographic quality makeup that pictures perfectly in both natural and studio settings.’

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When it comes to finding the perfect makeup artist for your wedding day, my belief is that you should both have the same vision as to whats important to you. My brides are my sole priority and for this reason my Bridal Services are limited to the bride only (I do not work on other members of the bridal party).

Over years of working with so many brides, I’ve found that working this way can completely eliminate most of the ‘wedding morning stressors’. I will be with you from the time we start your glam, until the moment you walk out of the door for your ceremony; Dedicated entirely to you and your photographic team to ensure that you are as perfectly ‘finished’ as possible.

My passion for skin treatment is reflected in my signature ‘creamy’ skin bridal look. I am also a skin specialist and so included in your booking will be a complementary 30min skin session that can be used for a facial treatment of your choice (i.e. dermaplaning, hydration facial etc…) to ensure that your skin is freshly prepped and makeup ready.

I encourage you to follow my instagram @jennakelly_jk for skin tips/treatments and at home remedies/routines and my brides are also always welcome to my beauty studios and clinics @doradostudios where our staff can take care of any of your preparation needs.

W H Y   I   D O N T  

O F F E R   T R I A L S

Trials… the biggest stress of any brides prep process! I have worked together with my past brides to find a way to bring the enjoyment back; weddings are stressful times without the need for unnecessary pressure.

Traditionally trial appointments have been 2 hours long so that we can gather all admin info we need as well as trial a few looks, meaning I can only free up this time during weekday mornings. Brides have had to take time off work and have ‘no use’ for their glam, instead sitting at home (and because the ‘trial’ label has been added) feeling like they need to find an issue or something to change or just generally feeling confused or overwhelmed.

In reality, 99% of my brides have a different look on their wedding day to their trial because they feel more relaxed, more trusting and I get to see their bridal style in person. I’ve worked with hundreds of brides and I pride myself on understanding the science of makeup to ensure you look exactly how you feel, all day long. Trust in me is key.

Instead… I encourage you to just book a makeup session. Something that can be tailored to suit a special event/hen party (subject to availability) so that you can see your glam in action. Use the opportunity to discover my style, giving you confidence that whatever look we chose for your wedding will be perfectly tailored for that day! All admin info will be taken care of during the booking process by my PA meaning we can relax and enjoy. You are free to book one session, a few sessions or even no sessions at all.

My Bridal Service is bespoke to you and your Bridal Experience.